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Growers’ access to safe and effective crop protection solutions is supported through Hort Innovation-run levy projects, grant funded trials and additional activities.

In particular, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) issues minor use permits so growers can legally access, and safely use, crop protection products for ‘minor uses’ that are not covered in a product’s registered label. Hort Innovation facilitates the submission of renewals and applications for minor use permits on behalf of the horticulture sector.

Recently issued minor use permits

A list of the most recently issued minor use permits is available here, where you can search and download all current minor use permits, including details on their conditions of use.

Latest agrichemical information

Growers can also keep current on all developments in the regulatory oversight of crop protection chemicals via the Ag Chemical updates produced by the Hort Innovation-funded project Regulatory support and coordination (pesticides) (MT20007).

You can download the latest update from the Hort Innovation website here, along with the recently updated agrichemical regulatory risk assessments for each industry.

Industry-specific information

There’s also a chemical permits page on the AOA website providing up-to-date, industry-specific information on chemicals registered for use on olives, or available for use on olives via minor use permits.

The information is open access and can be found here.