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The Olive Wellness Institute team continues to provide new relevant information on all things related to health and olive products. One of the latest resources made available is a report on the health implications of rancid fats and oils.

The fact is that all food will deteriorate over time – for example, fresh fruits and vegetables can ferment, and fats and oils will go rancid. And there have long been concerns that consuming rancid fats and oils is damaging to health.

While more research is needed to establish the impact of long-term consumption of rancid fats and oils, the Health Implications of Rancid Fats and Oils report discusses some of the current evidence on the topic. And while some of the terminology is a little technical, it’s got great explanations which make it easily understandable for the average lay-person.

The report looks at topics including:

  • What is rancidity?
  • What are the factors that contribute to an oil becoming rancid?
  • Where are rancid fats and oils commonly found?
  • What are the health implications of consuming rancid facts and oils?

And then provides practical ways to avoid consuming rancid fats and oils.

It’s another great resource providing factual, science-based information which olive producers can use to back up the important ‘fresher is better’ message.

Download the report from the Olive Wellness Institute website here.