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With gut health issues on the rise in Australia, the gut microbiome is a hot topic right now. The good news is that the Olive Wellness Institute team have answered the call for good fact-based information with their latest offering, a downloadable e-book on Gut Health.

Assembled by a group of the OWI’s expert health professionals, the comprehensive 15-page book looks at the gastrointestinal system, including the gut microbiome, and how a disruption can cause ‘gut dysbiosis’.

It provides tips on how to improve gut health through diet, with specifics on the effects of olive products on gut health – covering EVOO, table olives and olive leaf extract. Moving on to a discussion on the Mediterranean diet and its effect on gut health, the e-book finishes with a couple of easy, delicious and healthy recipes from nutritionist Jessica Cox.

It’s everything you and your gut need for good health, and another great resource for your farmers market stand or farm gate store.

Download the Gut Health e-book here and start spreading the word!

Have you completed the OWI progress survey yet? Share your feedback now and help plan future activity

The Olive Wellness Institute team are keen to gain feedback from you, the industry members who grow the amazing products their work centres around, about what you’re finding useful and what else you’d like to see or have provided into the future. It’ll help them ensure they’re working towards the project goals of increasing awareness and promotion of olive products in Australia.

They’re capturing that feedback in a very quick survey, to make sure their offering keeps improving into the future and provides information relevant to your needs.

It’s a great way to help plan the future work of the OWI: access the survey here and share your feedback now – your thoughts are really important to the OWI team.