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Plant Health Australia (PHA) has launched a new online course on the fundamentals of plant biosecurity in Australia.

The new course, launched in July 2020, is called Plant Biosecurity in Australia and replaces the old PHA Foundation Course. The content of the old course was completely refreshed to keep up with an evolving Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed and the needs of plant biosecurity stakeholders.

The Plant Biosecurity in Australia course takes around 45 minutes to complete and covers:

  • the structure and key participants in the Australian biosecurity system
  • preparedness work designed to protect Australia’s plant resources
  • the key elements of biosecurity emergency response management
  • the fundamentals of Emergency Plant Pest Responses in action.

*View the current Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed here.

The course is hosted on PHA’s Biosecurity Online Training (BOLT) system which provides free access to e-learning courses related to plant biosecurity.

More information and register for the Plant Biosecurity in Australia course here.