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The Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative (PBRI), supported by Hort Innovation, has initiated a new collaboration for extension experts across plant industries and government to work together to increase co-ordination and information sharing on biosecurity issues.

The Biosecurity Extension Community (BEC) met for the first time in April to discuss common biosecurity extension issues across plant industries which would benefit from a co-ordinated approach to improve industry biosecurity outcomes.

The aim of the community is to:

  • connect extension experts from across plant industry bodies and government agencies on topics relevant to plant biosecurity and extension best practice;
  • achieve better coordination and collaboration of biosecurity extension efforts including to develop shared resources and products for areas identified as a high priority;
  • act as a forum for receiving cross-sectoral biosecurity research updates and to contribute ideas for new extension priorities.

Both the initial meeting and a survey conducted beforehand identified common themes from across industry. These emphasised the need to collaborate more, providing benefits from the learnings of the members to avoid future duplication or ‘working in silos’.

With new biosecurity risks occurring all the time – including our industry’s #1, Xylella fastidiosa – streamlined activity and increased information sharing is a very positive move.

You can find out more about the new Biosecurity Extension Community here.

And if you’re interested in learning more about the Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative, they’ve recently completed a mid-term strategy review to confirm the vision, purpose and strategic goals of the initiative. You can read more about this process and the review outcomes on the Plant Biosecurity Research Institute website here.

Or for more information about the PBRI and its work, contact Program Director Dr Jo Luck at