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The opportunities for shared learning abound as the 17 Australian Nuffield Scholars from the 2019 year group present the findings of their scholarships through these free webinars.

The four-part series runs from mid-February and early March as follows:

Webinar 1: Thursday, 11 February, 7pm (AEDT)
Webinar 2: Thursday, 18 February, 7pm (AEDT)
Webinar 3: Thursday, 25 February, 7pm (AEDT)
Webinar 4: Thursday, 4 March, 7pm (AEDT)

The presentations cover a vast range of horticultural/agricultural topics, all of great interest, with the most relevant to olive growers being:

Webinar 1

  • Global programs that seek to better attract and retain young people into a pursuing a career in agriculture – Clare Peltzer, Tas
  • Open source software options that could be applied in an Australian context to establish an open data sharing and resource platform – Andrew Sargent, SA

Webinar 3

  • Management practices to improve social, environmental and economic sustainability of agriculture, and communicate positive farming practices – Renee Anderson, Qld

Webinar 4

  • Ways the horticulture industry can increase outputs while reducing inputs and farming sustainably – Christina Kelman, NSW
  • Alternative fuel sources and energy solutions for Australia’s agricultural sector – Tamara Uebergang, Qld

Register your attendance for these free, online webinars today by emailing