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Each year, Hort Innovation invests more than $120 million into R&D, extension, marketing and international trade initiatives on behalf of Aussie growers and others involved in horticulture. And each year, levy-paying members have the opportunity to secure voting rights to have a say on the leadership of the company, and the rules that govern it.

The 2022 Hort Innovation Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Friday, 25 November 2022. Further details on the format and location of the event will be made available as soon as possible, and shared with members in the official 2022 Notice of Meeting, to be distributed in October.

At this year’s AGM, Hort Innovation members will use their voting entitlements to elect one or more Directors to the Board, and vote on other matters affecting the company.

Securing voting entitlements for the AGM is done through Hort Innovation’s Annual Levy Return process. Current members will begin receiving information about Annual Levy Returns via mail and email this month (July).

If your business is not already a member, you can apply for membership here no later than Wednesday 17 August for the chance to submit an Annual Levy Return Form this year.

Please note that paying a levy or receiving communications doesn’t automatically make your business a member of Hort Innovation. If you are uncertain of your company’s membership status, you can check by emailing with your company’s name and ABN.

Full information on the 2022 AGM is available here.