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The final report for the completed olive levy project OL17003: Australian olive industry sensory training is now available on the Hort Innovation website.

Facilitated by the NSW Department of Primary Industries, OL17003: Australian olive industry sensory training was designed to provide the Australian olive industry (AOI) with the necessary skills to enable ongoing monitoring of the sensory attributes of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and table olives (TO), aligned with industry specifications for quality.

The overall objectives of the project were to provide a series of integrated staged (beginner-intermediate-expert) training programs, designed to:

  • maintain the sensory expertise of IOC and AOCS accredited sensory panelists and nationally accredited competition judges;
  • encourage new entrants into the sensory training discipline of the AOI and educate them on how to actively fit the quality, flavour and presentation of EVOO and table olives for consistent quality;
  • ensure the AOI has a critical mass of trained panelists and competition judges capable of assisting the industry in matching their oil and fruit production to the evolving and increasing demands of the global olive market.

The project has assisted in delivering on Outcomes 1 and 3 of the Olive Strategic Investment Plan (SIP), and facilitated other SIP outcomes and strategies through engagement with other R&D projects, specifically OL17006: Extending OliveCare to foster excellence in production of Australian olives.

View the final report here.