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The University of Tasmania is now taking enrolments for the Grad Dip Agribusiness (Horticulture) course, co-designed with the horticulture industry as part of the Hort Frontiers Leadership Fund project Masterclass in Horticultural Business (LP15001)

The fully online agribusiness course builds skills and knowledge needed to meet industry-wide challenges, from rising input costs to staff retention, while identifying and seizing growth opportunities like supply chain diversification.

The course is built to be accessible for the busy working professional. All content can be studied online and in your own time, to minimise time away from your business. Plus, your lecturer works with you throughout to understand your specific farming operation, making all your improvement projects relate to your operations. The analysis you undertake and the change plans you produce in both the core units and the horticulture management specific units can then have immediate business benefits before you even graduate.

Drawing on decades of practical experience and research expertise at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, you can build skills to help understand how events on the other side of the world can affect your business, how to consider carbon accounting and sustainable practices in your operations, risk management in the face of climate change, and much more.

The course is Commonwealth funded, meaning the Government pays part of your fees – and as a subsidy, not a loan, so you don’t have to worry about paying it back. Any remaining tuition costs can also be tax deductable, as they may be allowable ATO self-education expenses.

Learn more on the UTAS website here or contact Hort Innovation R&D Manager Bianca Cairns at or 0429 529 655 for an introduction to the UTAS Course Co-ordinator.