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The Olive Wellness Institute team has recently launched a new online resource, rolling out an extra virgin olive oil virtual sensory kit.

The team recognises that, while the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) are increasingly well known, there’s a lot less discussion around the sensory characteristics. And as EVOO has a wide variety of aromas, tastes, and flavours, one of the best ways to experience the differences is through a contemplative tasting.

So they’ve created the new online sensory kit, which steps through how to conduct an extra virgin olive oil tasting and provides information on the various sensory characteristics of this versatile oil. Factors covered include:

  • factors influencing the sensory characteristics of extra virgin olive oil
  • the different flavours of extra virgin olive oil
  • how to detect poor quality extra virgin olive oil
  • how to conduct an EVOO tasting
  • the different varieties of EVOO (mild, medium, robust).

This is another great ‘plain-speak’ resource which is ideal to share with customers, friends and your social media networks. Access it here and keep spreading the EVOO word!