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The Soil Wealth ICP team is tackling a new set of focus topics for the project in 2022.

The team will continue to dig into the complex world of soil biology and how it relates to the entire farming system, including its relationship with integrated crop management practices, soil-borne diseases, irrigation, pest management and nutrition management.

The project will also focus on integrated pest management (IPM), both in the field and in protected cropping systems. Growers will be taken back-to-basics to explain the role of soil health in IPM, discuss the management of chemicals to minimise resistance, and learn about supply chain requirements including tolerance levels for the presence of beneficial insects.

While the project’s primary focus is the vegetable industry, the outcomes provide a wealth (pun intended!) of relevant information and resources for everyone in the horticulture industry.

Information on all of the project’s new events and demo sites, along with the resources created throughout the project, are available at

Background: the Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection (ICP) project

The Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection (ICP) project provides research and development (R&D) extension services, products and communication on improved soil management and plant health to the Australian vegetable industry.

The website is an extension channel of three projects funded by Hort Innovation using the Vegetable R&D levy and contributions from the Australian Government: Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection (VG16078), Managing soilborne disease (VG15010) and Optimising cover crops (VG16068).