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The Olive Wellness Institute (OWI) team just keep the resources coming, with four new YouTube videos among the latest offerings.

In partnership with Nutrition Australia, the OWI has created four new health videos with Australian Dietitian Joel Feren (aka The Nutrition Guy) and Nutritionist Steph Geddes.

Covering a range of educational topics, the videos dive into the health benefits of cooking with extra virgin olive oil and help debunk the still-lingering myths that you can’t cook with EVOO. And at around five minutes each, they’re the ideal length to watch over a cuppa.

You can access the videos from the links below:

And to help put the knowledge into action, there are two new recipes on the OWI website which are featured in the videos with Steph Geddes. Covering dinner with Tofu Satay Bowl, and dessert/ snacks with Black Bean Brownies, they’re easy-to-prepare promotion tools for the health and flavour benefits of cooking with EVOO.

Access the new recipes, along with heaps of others featuring EVOO, here.

And don’t forget you can always find more information, facts and reference material on all things around olives and health on the Olive Wellness Institute website –