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We’ve brought you news over recent months of the Olive Wellness Institute’s latest webinar series, which continued its mission of sharing topical, evidence-based information exploring the research and health benefits of all olive products.

For those who weren’t able to make all the sessions there’s good news, with recordings of all three webinars now available on the Olive Wellness Institute’s website.

Each of webinars featured guest speakers highly respected in their fields, including researchers Dr Wolfgang Max and Dr Hannah Mayr, dietitians Emma Stirling, Susie Burrell and Stefanie Valakas, and olive oil chemistry guru Claudia Guillaume, General Manager of the Modern Olives Laboratory.

The webinars cover:

  • Food and Mood: How the Mediterranean Diet and extra virgin olive oil can affect mental health
  • Nutrition for Women: The role of the Mediterranean Diet and extra virgin olive oil in general health, and in conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis
  • From Tree to Table: The journey of extra virgin olive oil

Access the webinars here, where you’ll also find a wealth of other great resources to watch, read, learn from and share.